Our Beginnings

Founded in the late 90's, we've always been involved in traffic safety. The programs developed by 21st Century Training are the result of thousands of hours of instruction in driver education classrooms and feedback from drivers like you. Our roads and highways have changed - so has our approach to training drivers to handle these changes. Driving today is more challenging than ever and we recognized the need for a better way to make our roads safer.

Our Philosophy

The act of driving safely is no accident. Each day, millions of people get in a vehicle to reach their destination. In order to do our part in reducing collisions, death and serious injury on the streets and roadways, 1SafeDriver.com is committed to offering the highest quality of safety education with the most dedicated, knowledgeable and informed staff in the industry. Smarter drivers are safer drivers.

  • Specifically designed to help you make the most of your time, we give you the power to determine when and how you want to study. You can log on and off as many times as you like because with our exclusive "course memory", you'll always return to the exact spot you last left off. This gives you the opportunity to work in multiple sessions, at whatever pace fits your schedule and lifestyle. Our Defensive Driving / Traffic School is always ready when you are.
  • Our online defensive driving and traffic school classes are typically used to help you dismiss your ticket or withhold adjudication against your driver license, but our classes may qualify you for insurance discounts to help save you money. Check with your insurance agent to see if you qualify.


    1SafeDriver.com is an innovative Texas online defensive driving course that provides drivers the opportunity to remove a traffic ticket from their record. We are approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide online defensive driving instruction in the state of Texas. The cost of our Texas Defensive driving online course is $25 - the lowest price allowed by law.
  • Conventional classroom courses eat up precious free time and are often stagnant and boring. Taking a defensive driving course online gives the student the advantage of logging in from the comfort of their own home. When students are relaxed and engaged, they learn better and retain that knowledge longer.

    1SafeDriver.com's online defensive driving affords drivers the flexibility of accommodating their personal lifestyle while still providing them with the necessary requirements to clear that ticket from their record or lower their insurance rates.

    1SafeDriver.com leads the way as a trusted source for online defensive driving & traffic school. With our convenient online courses you can dismiss a ticket or satisfy a court order for Defensive Driving from the comfort of your own home. Log in and study anytime, anywhere – and complete the course at your own pace. 1SafeDriver.com makes your required Driving Safety Course easy, fast, and stress free.
  • By taking our stress-free defensive driving online you will be able to make the course fit to your busy lifestyle. You can log in as many times as you like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and from any computer that has an internet connection. No need to spend your valuable time sitting in a classroom - make your Driver Safety Course work for you instead. You'll never miss out on any activities, or need to rearrange your life around your course. Simply work whenever it's convenient for you, on your own terms! With 1SafeDriver.com you can always find time to complete your defensive driving requirements, no matter how busy your schedule is.
  • Our Online Defensive Driving Course is state-certified and designed to deliver quality content in a quick format. Created by respected professionals in the defensive driving /traffic school /driver education field, this effective home study method is proven to increase your knowledge and help you retain information better than you would in a normal classroom. You will learn the rules of the road through reading and watching video and animations online, and after each lesson you'll be ready to take the corresponding multiple choice defensive driving test – it's just that simple!
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Always Available

1SafeDriver.com is always available to allow you maximum convenience to study on your schedule. We're here 24/7 for you.


All Online

No need to conform to a classroom schedule. Everything you need to complete the course is included - right here at your fingertips.



Our servers use the latest in online technology to ensure that your personal information and credit card data is safe. Our payment gateway is PCI compliant and we don't store your credit card information after the transaction.
We don't share or sell your identification - ever.


Save Money

Our online driver safety courses are not only designed to educate, but to provide you discounts on your insurance costs. Check with your agent to see if you qualify.



We are here for you every step of the way. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.